March 23rd Birthdays

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March 23rd, 1999 (March 23 1999)BirthPrince Beltran of Bulgaria
March 23rd, 1995 (March 23 1995)BirthJan Lisiecki, Canadian Pianist
March 23rd, 1990 (March 23 1990)BirthPrincess Eugenie of York
March 23rd, 1986 (March 23 1986)BirthAndrea Dovizioso, Italian motorcycle racer
March 23rd, 1986 (March 23 1986)BirthSteven Strait, American actor
March 23rd, 1985 (March 23 1985)BirthMaurice Jones-Drew, American football player
March 23rd, 1983 (March 23 1983)BirthJerome Thomas, English footballer
March 23rd, 1982 (March 23 1982)BirthJose Raul Contreras, Chilean footballer
March 23rd, 1981 (March 23 1981)BirthLuciana Carro, Canadian actress
March 23rd, 1981 (March 23 1981)BirthErin Crocker, American NASCAR driver
March 23rd, 1981 (March 23 1981)BirthTony Pena, Jr., Dominican baseball player
March 23rd, 1980 (March 23 1980)BirthRussell Howard, British Comedian
March 23rd, 1979 (March 23 1979)BirthMark Buehrle, American baseball player
March 23rd, 1979 (March 23 1979)BirthEmraan Hashmi, Indian actor
March 23rd, 1979 (March 23 1979)BirthMisty Hyman, American swimmer
March 23rd, 1979 (March 23 1979)BirthDonncha O Callaghan, Irish International rugby player
March 23rd, 1979 (March 23 1979)BirthNatalya Baranovskaya, Olympic swimmer
March 23rd, 1978 (March 23 1978)BirthWalter Samuel, Argentine footballer
March 23rd, 1978 (March 23 1978)BirthNicholle Tom, American actress
March 23rd, 1978 (March 23 1978)BirthPerez Hilton, American television personality and blogger
March 23rd, 1977 (March 23 1977)BirthJean Carlos Gamarra, Peruvian taekwondo practitioner
March 23rd, 1976 (March 23 1976)BirthMichelle Monaghan, American actress
March 23rd, 1976 (March 23 1976)BirthDougie Lampkin, English motorcycle trials rider
March 23rd, 1976 (March 23 1976)BirthJeremy Newberry, American football player
March 23rd, 1976 (March 23 1976)BirthJoel Peralta, Dominican baseball player
March 23rd, 1976 (March 23 1976)BirthKeri Russell, American actress
March 23rd, 1976 (March 23 1976)BirthJayson Blair, American journalist and author
March 23rd, 1976 (March 23 1976)BirthRicardo Zonta, Brazilian racing car driver
March 23rd, 1975 (March 23 1975)BirthAlydar, American racehorse (died in 1990)
March 23rd, 1973 (March 23 1973)BirthJerzy Dudek, Polish footballer
March 23rd, 1973 (March 23 1973)BirthWim Eyckmans, Belgian racing driver
March 23rd, 1973 (March 23 1973)BirthJason Kidd, American basketball player
March 23rd, 1972 (March 23 1972)BirthJoe Calzaghe, Welsh boxer
March 23rd, 1972 (March 23 1972)BirthJudith Godreche, French actress and author
March 23rd, 1971 (March 23 1971)BirthYasmeen Ghauri, Canadian supermodel
March 23rd, 1971 (March 23 1971)BirthKaren McDougal, American model
March 23rd, 1971 (March 23 1971)BirthGail Porter, British television presenter
March 23rd, 1971 (March 23 1971)BirthAlexander Selivanov, Russian ice hockey player
March 23rd, 1971 (March 23 1971)BirthHiroyoshi Tenzan, Japanese professional wrestler
March 23rd, 1968 (March 23 1968)BirthDamon Albarn, English musician (Blur and Gorillaz)
March 23rd, 1968 (March 23 1968)BirthMitch Cullin, American novelist
March 23rd, 1968 (March 23 1968)BirthFernando Hierro, Spanish footballer
March 23rd, 1968 (March 23 1968)BirthMichael Atherton, English cricketer
March 23rd, 1967 (March 23 1967)BirthDavid Ford, Canadian kayaker
March 23rd, 1965 (March 23 1965)BirthSarah Buxton, American actress
March 23rd, 1965 (March 23 1965)BirthRichard Grieco, American actor and singer
March 23rd, 1965 (March 23 1965)BirthMarti Pellow, Scottish singer
March 23rd, 1965 (March 23 1965)BirthGary Whitehead, American poet
March 23rd, 1964 (March 23 1964)BirthHope Davis, American actress
March 23rd, 1964 (March 23 1964)BirthJohn Pinette, American comedian
March 23rd, 1963 (March 23 1963)BirthMichel (Jose Miguel Gonzalez Martin), Spanish footballerJose Marti Quotes
March 23rd, 1962 (March 23 1962)BirthSteve Redgrave, British rower, 5 Olympic Gold Medals
March 23rd, 1961 (March 23 1961)BirthHelmi Johannes, Indonesian television newscaster
March 23rd, 1960 (March 23 1960)BirthNicol Stephen, Deputy First Minister of Scotland
March 23rd, 1959 (March 23 1959)BirthCatherine Keener, American actress
March 23rd, 1959 (March 23 1959)BirthEpic Soundtracks, English musician (Swell Maps, Crime and the City Solution, These Immortal Souls) (died in 1997)
March 23rd, 1959 (March 23 1959)BirthPhilippe Volter, Belgian actor (died in 2005)
March 23rd, 1958 (March 23 1958)BirthEl Duce, American singer and drummer (The Mentors) (died in 1997)
March 23rd, 1957 (March 23 1957)BirthAmanda Plummer, American actress
March 23rd, 1957 (March 23 1957)BirthRobbie James, Welsh footballer (died in 1998)
March 23rd, 1956 (March 23 1956)BirthJose Manuel Barroso, Portuguese politician, president of the European Commission
March 23rd, 1955 (March 23 1955)BirthMoses Malone, American basketball player
March 23rd, 1955 (March 23 1955)BirthPetrea Burchard, American actress
March 23rd, 1954 (March 23 1954)BirthGeno Auriemma, American basketball coach
March 23rd, 1953 (March 23 1953)BirthBo Diaz, Venezuelan baseball player (died in 1990)
March 23rd, 1953 (March 23 1953)BirthChaka Khan, American singer
March 23rd, 1952 (March 23 1952)BirthKim Stanley Robinson, American authorKim Stanley Robinson Quotes
March 23rd, 1951 (March 23 1951)BirthRon Jaworski, American football player and analyst
March 23rd, 1950 (March 23 1950)BirthAnthony De Longis, American actor
March 23rd, 1950 (March 23 1950)BirthCorinne Clery, French actress
March 23rd, 1949 (March 23 1949)BirthRic Ocasek, American musician (The Cars)
March 23rd, 1948 (March 23 1948)BirthDavid Olney, American musician
March 23rd, 1945 (March 23 1945)BirthFranco Battiato, Italian singer, songwriter and filmmaker
March 23rd, 1945 (March 23 1945)BirthDavid Grisman, American bluegrass musician
March 23rd, 1944 (March 23 1944)BirthMichael Nyman, British minimalist composer
March 23rd, 1944 (March 23 1944)BirthTony McPhee, English singer and guitarist (The Groundhogs)
March 23rd, 1943 (March 23 1943)BirthLee May, former Major League Baseball player
March 23rd, 1943 (March 23 1943)BirthNils-Aslak Valkeapaa, Finnish writer (died in 2001)
March 23rd, 1942 (March 23 1942)BirthWalter Rodney, Guyanese historian and political figure (died in 1980)
March 23rd, 1941 (March 23 1941)BirthJim Trelease, American educator and children s literature author
March 23rd, 1939 (March 23 1939)BirthPepe Lienhard, Swiss band leader and entertainer
March 23rd, 1938 (March 23 1938)BirthMaynard Jackson, first black mayor of Atlanta (died in 2003)
March 23rd, 1938 (March 23 1938)BirthDave Pike, American jazz musician
March 23rd, 1937 (March 23 1937)BirthCraig Breedlove, American land speed record holder
March 23rd, 1937 (March 23 1937)BirthRobert Gallo, American physician
March 23rd, 1934 (March 23 1934)BirthLudvig Faddeev, Russian mathematician
March 23rd, 1934 (March 23 1934)BirthFernand Gignac, Canadian singer and actor (died in 2006)
March 23rd, 1934 (March 23 1934)BirthMark Rydell, American film and television director
March 23rd, 1933 (March 23 1933)BirthPhilip Zimbardo, American psychologist, known for the Stanford prison experiment
March 23rd, 1932 (March 23 1932)BirthDon Marshall, Canadian ice hockey player
March 23rd, 1931 (March 23 1931)BirthYevgenij Grishin, Russian speed skater (died in 2005)
March 23rd, 1931 (March 23 1931)BirthViktor Korchnoi, Russian chess player
March 23rd, 1929 (March 23 1929)BirthSir Roger Bannister, English runner
March 23rd, 1925 (March 23 1925)BirthDavid Watkin, English cinematographer (died in 2008)
March 23rd, 1924 (March 23 1924)BirthBette Nesmith Graham, American inventor (died in 1980)
March 23rd, 1922 (March 23 1922)BirthMarty Allen, American comedian and actor
March 23rd, 1922 (March 23 1922)BirthUgo Tognazzi, Italian actor, director and screenwriter (died in 1990)
March 23rd, 1921 (March 23 1921)BirthDonald Campbell, British car and motorboat racer (died in 1967)
March 23rd, 1920 (March 23 1920)BirthNeal Smith, former United States Congressman
March 23rd, 1920 (March 23 1920)BirthTetsuharu Kawakami, Japanese baseball player and coach
March 23rd, 1919 (March 23 1919)BirthCarl Graffunder, mid-century modernist architect
March 23rd, 1915 (March 23 1915)BirthVasily Zaitsev, Soviet World War II hero (died in 1991)
March 23rd, 1912 (March 23 1912)BirthWernher von Braun, German-born physicist and engineer (died in 1977)Wernher von Braun Quotes
March 23rd, 1910 (March 23 1910)BirthAkira Kurosawa, Japanese film director (died in 1998)Akira Kurosawa Quotes
March 23rd, 1907 (March 23 1907)BirthDaniel Bovet, Swiss-born scientist, Nobel laureate (died in 1992)
March 23rd, 1905 (March 23 1905)BirthLale Andersen, German singer and cabaretist (died in 1972)
March 23rd, 1905 (March 23 1905)BirthJoan Crawford, American actress (died in 1977)
March 23rd, 1904 (March 23 1904)BirthH. Beam Piper, American science fiction author (died in 1964)
March 23rd, 1900 (March 23 1900)BirthErich Fromm, German-born psychoanalyst (died in 1980)Erich Fromm Quotes
March 23rd, 1899 (March 23 1899)BirthDora Gerson, German actress and singer (died in 1943)
March 23rd, 1895 (March 23 1895)BirthEncarnacion Alzona, Filipino historian (died in 2001)
March 23rd, 1893 (March 23 1893)BirthCedric Gibbons, American art director (died in 1960)
March 23rd, 1887 (March 23 1887)BirthJuan Gris, Spanish artist (died in 1927)
March 23rd, 1887 (March 23 1887)BirthJosef Capek, Czech writer (died in 1945)
March 23rd, 1887 (March 23 1887)BirthPrince Felix Yussupov, Russian assassin of Rasputin (died in 1967)
March 23rd, 1882 (March 23 1882)BirthEmmy Noether, German mathematician (died in 1935)
March 23rd, 1881 (March 23 1881)BirthRoger Martin du Gard, French writer, Nobel laureate (died in 1958)
March 23rd, 1881 (March 23 1881)BirthHermann Staudinger, German chemist, Nobel laureate (died in 1965)
March 23rd, 1880 (March 23 1880)BirthHeikki Ritavuori, Finnish politician (died in 1922)
March 23rd, 1878 (March 23 1878)BirthFranz Schreker, Austrian composer (died in 1934)
March 23rd, 1868 (March 23 1868)BirthDietrich Eckart, early supporter of Adolf Hitler s Nazi Party and member of Thule Society (died in 1923)Adolf Hitler Quotes
March 23rd, 1862 (March 23 1862)BirthNathaniel Reed, American outlaw turned evangelist (d.1950)
March 23rd, 1858 (March 23 1858)BirthLudwig Quidde, German pacifist, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize (died in 1941)
March 23rd, 1834 (March 23 1834)BirthJulius Reubke, German composer (died in 1858)
March 23rd, 1831 (March 23 1831)BirthEduard Schlagintweit, German writer (died in 1866)
March 23rd, 1826 (March 23 1826)BirthLeon Minkus, German/Czech composer and violinist (died in 1917)
March 23rd, 1823 (March 23 1823)BirthSchuyler Colfax, Vice President of the United States (died in 1885)
March 23rd, 1769 (March 23 1769)BirthWilliam Smith, English geologist and cartographer (died in 1839)Will Smith Quotes
March 23rd, 1769 (March 23 1769)BirthAugustin Daniel Belliard, French general (died in 1832)
March 23rd, 1754 (March 23 1754)BirthBaron Jurij Vega, Slovenian mathematician, physicist, and artillery officer (died in 1802)
March 23rd, 1749 (March 23 1749)BirthPierre Simon de Laplace, French mathematician and astronomer (died in 1827)
March 23rd, 1732 (March 23 1732)BirthMarie Adelaide of France, daughter of Louis XV (died in 1800)
March 23rd, 1723 (March 23 1723)BirthAgha Mohammad Khan Ghajar, King of Iran (died in 1771)
March 23rd, 1699 (March 23 1699)BirthJohn Bartram, American botanist (died in 1777)
March 23rd, 1645 (March 23 1645)BirthWilliam Kidd, Pirate Legend From Scotland (died in 1701)
March 23rd, 1638 (March 23 1638)BirthFrederik Ruysch, Dutch physician and anatomist (died in 1731)
March 23rd, 1429 (March 23 1429)BirthMargaret of Anjou, wife of Henry VI of England (died in 1482)

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